Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Press Play

been on pause
stuck in a lacuna
a debris space

Zimbabwean man
is flung from
Xenophobic train

Ego matters of
slow magnitude
midst a world

Time to
smile outward
lock fingers
with brothersothers


Eileen T O'Neill - Written Words said...

I like the words used, which convey a feel of a much needed positivity.
The same words could apply to Northern Ireland, where I was visiting at the weekend.

Best wishes,

Sam Manty - Poet said...

Thanks Eileen. Agreed, I wonder which would have the greater impact? Changing newspaper headlines or mindsets? I think we've lost our way...I know I have.

Umeh Chukwuemeka said...

A nice poem, with rich and apt imagery.I love the theme. I love also the build up and stylistic treatment of meter and lines.The last line of the last stanza jars, and should be looked at again, with an eye of improvement.
Thumbs up!