Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finger Dance

Did I dream you last night
or was it you that led me
to the room next door
smoky and dense
thick tongue
rich red

filled my mouth
hot and moist
we fell into eachother
Arms at my sides
too weakened
to hold you

FaintingFlyingFloating away
Drenched in bliss


Anonymous said...

Chris Lawrence Very sensual and passionate, wonderful.

Michael Frias-may like the shoes in this one

Jack Varnell I am with Michael and Chris- great piece. Dreamlike itself. Imagery is exquisite.-(thx for coming by tonight)

allanbard said...

Good one, my friend! it's not just sensual, it's romantic too... It reminds me how I felt when I wrote my 1st book Tale Of The Rock Pieces when I fell in love with a wonderful mermaid... It changed all my life actually, I will never forget it! Thanks for sharing!

Danielle said...

Such a beautiful poem...Love it Sam..

Amanda Patterson said...

You won The Colour of Love poetry competition. Congratulations!